Be Substantial

Substance Vitality Bar uses nutrition science to create a collection of the healthiest substances that you can put into your body. We use the highest quality organic produce, sourcing locally where possible for better nutrition and delicious taste.



The Juice

Substance Cold Pressed Juices and drinks are nutritional powerhouses: Pure liquid packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - all in one delicious sip


The Glass

Our glass bottles are functional and sustainable. Both recyclable and reusable, they eliminate harmful toxins in plastic that could end up leaching into your juice.


The Squeeze

Our unique process slowly compresses pulp, completely extracting a living, raw juices. Cold pressed juice is the only juice that contains vital elements in the most wholesome and biologically active form.


The Life

Whether you’re starting or finishing your day – do it with an all organic cold pressed juice, smoothie or, craft coffee from Substance.